Intelligent Vehicle WiFi On Bus

Apr 15, 2016

Libtor high-performance free Wi-Fi Bus specifically designed for buses, it provides passengers a meaningful on board Wi-Fi hotspot service to check email, surf internet and local entertainment during their journey. The solution is reliable, manageable, simple to install and scalable, it is built to offer the greatest internet access in bus at the lowest cost.The stable Wi-Fi service works like any fixed hotspot in hotel, coffee ship or airport.


The libtor  Wi-Fi Bus solution mainly basically includes two parts:

l   Libtor   design industrial class 4G or 3G Router which provide LTE 4G or 3G mobile broadband, besides WiFi bus application, libtor cellular router also ideal for other fleet connection project, like coaches, taxis, limos, train and private hire vehicle.

l   Libtor  management platform, with the platform, the operator can remotely and real-time manage all the routers, statistics, issue advertising , update advertising files and firmware upgrade.



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